Old Ferguson Tractors

What IS a Ferguson Tractor, Anyway?

This site is devoted to antique Ferguson tractors, from the mid 1930's Ferguson-Brown and later Ford-Ferguson models (9n and 2n, made beginning in 1939 and 1942 respectively), the 1940's Coventry and Detroit Ferguson models, to the late 1950's and early 1960's models made by Massey-Harris-Ferguson. Thanks for visiting and looking at the "Fergies".

Our local club web site - the Mid-South Flywheelers -and- the national Ferguson club - the Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America.

A note about the Ferguson Enthusiasts web site - the club web site was changed back in 2010 and is available at the .org link above.
The old link at ".com" no longer functions.

Ferguson Resources

A compendium of web sites and other resources for help in researching, operating, repairing, and restoring your Ferguson tractor.

Photo Gallery

We have a great many photos from shows we’ve attended. In the later shows, we took pictures of every Ferguson in attendance along with implements. If you were there, you will see your tractor, I guarantee it!

Ferguson Logos and Artwork

Files to help you with printing cards, banners, and other Ferguson documentation, if you are so inclined.

About Us

Who we are.

Our Barn

Pictures of the barn construction a few years ago.


Please tell us about yourself and your tractors, or your search for one. Or you can just visit the guestbook and see what other folks have written.

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About Us

A Short Story

Hello! We are Rick and Sarah Weaver of Cordova, Tennessee, USA. Shortly before we were married in 1995, we purchased three and a half acres on a fishing lake so that we could move from the suburbs to a more rural setting, in order to fish, garden, and have a few chickens.

After mowing these few acres with a variety of tools ranging from push mower to riding lawnmower to 3 foot Gravely, we decided some serious power was needed. Rick looked in the local Memphis classified ads and found a tractor for sale with 5 implements. It happened to be a Ferguson TO-30. Neither of us had heard of a (just a) Ferguson tractor, so we began looking around for information, manuals, and sources for parts. Our wedding occurred at the lake property, and of course the tractor was certainly made to feel welcome.

On our honeymoon, we were traveling through North Carolina on the July 4th weekend, and happened to be driving close to Denton. That is where the Southeast Old Thresher's Reunion is held every year on that weekend. We stopped because we thought we could find out something there about Ferguson tractors. We saw fields of IH Farmalls, Olivers, Cases, Minneapolis-Molines, John Deeres, and Fords, but nary a Ferguson. We did not even find any Ferguson literature or manuals at the show.

We also scoured the internet for information, but did not find anyone who actually had a Ferguson who could help us.

Then, in 1999, on ATIS (Antique Tractor Internet Services) we got in touch with David Lory in Wisconsin. He invited us to meet other Ferguson owners at a Ferguson get-together in Freeport, Illinois that year. That first meeting consisted of about 20 Ferguson enthusiasts and about 10 Ferguson tractors. We really enjoyed that time with the folks we met (some photos are in the gallery).

Then, in 2001, the Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America club began with 20 members at the show in Waverly, Nebraska. In the 6 years since its formation it has grown to over 600 members. Of course, we joined, and have met some wonderful people who have helped us with our Fergie.

Over the past few years we sold our TO-30, and now have two Ferguson TO-35's in our "fleet".

Photo Gallery

Images from the many tractors shows and events that we've attended over the years.

Freeport 1999

Salem 2002

Lawrenceburg 2005

Jordan 2005

Patoot 2006

Waverly 2006

Florida 2007

Mount Pleasant 2007

Republic 2016

The Steam-O-Rama show is September 15-18, 2016 and will feature Ferguson tractors. Y’all come!