Ferguson Logos and Artwork

June 24, 2016

Artwork files to help you with printing cards, banners, and other Ferguson documentation for shows and for personal use, if you are so inclined. “Fair Use” laws allows using these for educational or editorial purposes without permission and is acceptable in the U.S. My advice is to NOT use these for any commercial purpose (making money from them), so that you don’t draw unwanted legal attention.

If someone knows for sure and has documentation from AGCO that they no longer care about protecting the Ferguson copyrights and trademarks, please let me know. I will change the paragraph above if that is true.

A few years ago, I found a Fortune magazine with an article about Harry Ferguson and Henry Ford, called “Henry Ford’s Only Partner”. On the internet, I could not find the text of this article with its highly-interesting pictures, so I requested and received permission from Fortune to make that article available on this site. It was, however, conditioned on re-requesting the permission yearly. I have not yet decided whether to continue to go through the trouble of doing that every year ad-infinitum, and the article is not currently on this site.

Since it would be used for educational purposes and not commercial, I could probably invoke Fair Use and not ask permission. However, republishing a still-copyrighted article in its entirety with no commentary would most likely run me afoul of the law. I don’t relish the thought of having to hire a lawyer, even if I would eventually prevail.

I share the above paragraph to encourage everyone to be circumspect in dealing with copyrighted and trademarked items. Be sure you can claim Fair Use after reading and understanding the law.

Ferguson Strip

HERE is our Word document which we used for our Ferguson calling cards. Feel free to customize it and make your own. Use Avery Business Cards for Inkjet Printers 8371 and Template 8371 that you can download from the Avery web site. The cards say “inkjet” and specifically do not say “laser”, and we ran them through our laser printer with no issues, but your mileage may vary. Not to beat a dead horse, we use these cards for our personal enjoyment and not for commercial purposes – we do not profit from the cards nor do they advertise a business. If you create cards for a business with any of the artwork here, be aware of potential copyright and trademark implications.