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June 17, 2016

As I’ve hunted for Ferguson resources and information on the web, I have always been frustrated by not having a single place to find what I was looking for. Also, I’d forget just where I saw some important piece of information.

In an effort to make my own research easier and to help others, I created this page so that over time it might become a “one-stop shop” for information on Ferguson tractors. I have collected some information and also have linked to information on other sites that I feel is definitive and authoritative. As noted below, some of these links take you directly to other sites which are hosting the information. A lot of work was undertaken by those site owners to provide the information you will see. As you use these links, patronize those associated web sites – you will almost certainly find other treasures.

If you see a link that is struck through like THIS, the web site has automatically determined that the link isn’t functioning. It could be a temporary problem, so try anyway. If the situation persists, I will remove the link at some point.


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Ferguson-Specific Reference Guides and Materials

Ferguson Artwork A collection of Ferguson-related logos and artwork.
Ferguson TO-30 Tractor/Block serial number cross-reference Cross-references the tractor serial numbers with block serial numbers. In case your dashboard serial number plate is missing you can estimate the year of your tractor and in what serial number range it would have been.
Ferguson Common Parts Crossreference Crossreferences NAPA and other’s parts numbers to the proper part for Ferguson tractor models.
How draft control works A diagram of how the hydraulic automatic draft control operates.
Tractor 12-24 Rear Wheel Spacing How to set your rears to achieve various spacings to match row-crop widths.
Color schemes for Ferguson Tractors Ferguson color schemes listing each differently painted component. Compiled by Paul Nelson and hosted on the FENA site.
Paint color codes Paint color codes from the major paint manufacturers correlating to the above set of original color schemes. Compiled by Paul Nelson and hosted on the FENA site.
Miscellaneous parts colors Miscellaneous parts colors
Serial number reference My serial number reference I worked on before I knew Paul Nelson was working on the same thing. Also included is an explanation of the serial number prefixes on later models.
Serial number reference Serial numbers of Ferguson tractors by year of manufacture. Compiled by Paul Nelson and hosted on the FENA site.
TO-35 Model Comparison TO-35 Model Comparison
TO-35 Hood Emblems and Decals TO-35 Hood Emblems and Decals
Electrical and Lighting diagrams Wiring diagrams of Ferguson tractors, both 6 and 12 volt systems. Hosted on the FENA site.
How to polarize a generator How to polarize a generator
Marvel-Schebler Carburetor Reference A comprehensive M-S carb reference.
Tractor Model Data From TractorData.Com, information on the basic Ferguson models.
Technical articles on the FENA site. Technical articles on the FENA site.

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General Antique Tractor Resource Materials

Antique Tractor Forum Help with antique tractors in general from ATIS.
TractorData Richard Heulin’s good site with many good tractor brands photos.
Paint color codes for many tractors Paint color codes for antique engines, tractors, and implements, from the Southern Historical Power Club.
Paint color codes for Massey-Harris, Ferguson, and Massey-Ferguson Paint color codes provided by the Massey Collectors Association.
Salvage yards List of U.S. tractor salvage yards around the country, from ATIS.
Towing safely From the U.S. DOT, how to tow your antique tractor (or anything else) safely.
Tekonsha Prodigy Brake Controller This is the brake controller I use. It is a proportional controller, meaning the harder you brake the harder it brakes. It won’t lock up your trailer brakes like a time-delay controller will.
Electrolytic rust removal A good explanation of how to turn rust back into iron, from Bill Dickerson.
Many Reference Articles at Yesterday’s Tractors YT has a whole passel of good articles submitted by the YT forum readership.
Fatal Consumer, Industrial, and Tractor Accidents Iowa Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program.

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Ferguson Clubs and Organizations

Ferguson Enthusiasts of North America
While a North American club, there are members from around the world. FENA holds regional gatherings of Ferguson enthusiasts as well as one annual “North American Expo”, held in various regions. Dues are U.S. $25, and there are five editions of the “Ferguson Furrows” magazine per year.
Friends of Ferguson Heritage The oldest Ferguson club, located in the UK. Very well organized. Membership for the U.S. is £22, and there are three editions of “Ferguson Heritage” per year.
The Ferguson Club Another UK Ferguson club, with an excellent web site. The club is 21 years old and has about 1500 members. Membership is £20, and they have three editions of their club publication each year.
Harry Ferguson Tractor Club of Australia Membership is AU $35, and I am unsure whether they have a member’s publication or not.
The Swedish Ferguson Club Membership is 150 SEK, and they have a newsletter published four times a year.
Ferguson-Felagid Web site for a group of Ferguson enthusiasts from Iceland, created by Ragnar Jónasson.
The Danish Veteran Tractor Club Ferguson enthusiasts from Denmark. Membership is kr. 250
The Cornish Tractor Club Tractor Club in Cornwall.

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Ferguson-Related Web Sites

Ferguson Family Museum A privately owned museum by the grandson of Harry Ferguson, on the Isle of Wight in the U.K.
Antique Tractor Internet Services Spencer Yost is responsible for getting who-knows-how-many old iron enthusiasts in touch over the years. He’s a great guy. ATIS hosts email forums for old iron guys to talk.
Don Bowen’s Ferguson Don Bowen is a familiar name on the ATIS forums.
Yesterday’s Tractors YT is a reseller of tractor parts, but they also host a heavily attended forum for Ferguson collectors.
Danmarks Ferguson Museum This museum has over 100 tractors, and looks like it is a must-see if you are ever in Scandinavia. Click on the U.K. flag to translate to English.
Stephen’s Ferguson Tractor Web Site Steven Gaunt’s site.
Early Grey Fergie Vaughan William’s site.
The Little Grey Fergie A site by Colin Taylor from Ireland.
Plough My Field By Tim somebody – I couldn’t find his last name on the site. This is a good site – be sure to check out his YouTube videos HERE.
Welcome to Harry A site from France.
AnnaTEFka Gerrit Preuter’s web site.
Tractordelar.nu A site from Norway.
TE-20.com Another Swedish site, also seems to be a Sparex dealer.
Agco Agco owns the Massey-Ferguson line of tractors now.
Tractor Links Contains links to other tractor sites.

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Yesterday’s Tractors Ferguson Tractor Forum Very well attended.
Ferguson Tractor Club Yahoo Group Relatively well attended.
Der Tractorhof Well-attended general tractor site.
Grey Fergie Forum Has grown in popularity since I first listed it years ago. Glad to see it.

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Ferguson and Agriculture History

The Ferguson Company History From Wikipedia.
Harry Ferguson History From Wikipedia.
Three-point Hitch From Wikipedia.
Ferguson TE20 From Wikipedia.

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Fun Stuff

Ferguson Tractors on YouTube Check out the videos of Ferguson tractors in action. You have gotta watch the guy who tricked out his Fergie with a V6. The plowing videos are good as well.
Grey Fergie Tractor Muster Held each year it seems at Bendemeer, New South Wales.