June 26, 2016

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Jerry Humble from Sturgis SD wrote on March 7, 2021
I'm sorry, I meant to say I have a Ferguson T20 1950 with original paint and tires. It's been stored most of its life indoors.
Would like to sell it for a fair price. Husband had a stroke 4 years ago and I need to get rid of it. (605) 720-3080 or email me. Thank you for your help.
Jerry Humble from Sturgis SD wrote on March 7, 2021
I have a 1940 grey Ferguson tractor with original paint and tires. Has been stored indoors most of it's life. Would like to sell if someone would make a reasonable offer.
605 720-3080 or Sturgis, SD 57785
Thomas K Nelson from PARADISE wrote on March 4, 2021
I have a close friend that just purchased a tractor that says "Ferguson" on the hood but the serial # plate states MF 204 and the serial # is OGA 345184. Tractor data has nothing on this tractor, in fact I can't even find any reference to a MF 204. Can you or someone you know help us? You have my email address.

Thanks so much. Tom Nelson
Hubert Carter from Goldsboro wrote on March 4, 2021
Hi, to everyone ,just found this site, I own a 54,I think ferguson, has a z129 a engine,4 speed trans. does not run yet, am in process of restoring it..It sat for how many years is unknown. but motor is not stuck, would like any info on parts/year made from anyone .Thanks .Hubert.excuse any spelling its not my strong point.
Tony Tractor psaila from South africa wrote on June 27, 2020
Hi to you all😀
My name is Tony Psaila but every one in South Africa calls me Tony Tractor
I was born in Toronto Canada was raised in Victoria Australia and now live in South Africa 😲
In 2008 I drove my 1948 Ferguson a Tractor across South Africa to raise
money for a center for abused woman and children in Howick Kwa Zulu Natal
it took one month to cross north to south. Beite bridge to cape agulhas.
In 2010 I drove around South Africa to assist in raising funds for Jess ford a rape survivor, that took 3.5 months and 3200km
I am going to plan another trek to help a charity and would like your thoughts on a good cause? I’ll start in a Texas then come through Canada my birth country.

Jim Graddick from Blythewood wrote on May 29, 2020
Greetings! I was just given a Ferguson TO-30 with a Wagner loader attachment. I’m looking forward to fixing it up since the owner’s husband passed away and left it sitting 7 years ago. I’m sure I’ll be using this site to help. Thanks for being out there!
Donal Rice from Belfast wrote on May 4, 2020
I am in the process of completing the re- assembling a Ferguson TE20 diesel which was in the
being carried out by my son who became ill and passed away before he could complete the project.
I have two questions for which I would like assistance.
1/ Is the dash common on all Ferguson TE20 models, I am having difficulty getting the replacement fitted which he obtained.
2/ This tractor had a lever on the offside of the tractor where the dipstick is located for the transmission oil level, this is not on the other TE20 diesel or petrol Fergusons in our possession
Is this a production model?
ralph Kramer from Columbus wrote on March 30, 2020
I have a 1964 or 1965 Super 90. I like the higher horsepower. I am presently rebuilding the power steering assembly with new seals, bearings, and O-rings. Input from anyone on problems with the Super 90? I was thinking about buying a second one for space parts or is that a waste of $ and buy a different tractor if nd when needed.
Philip Dickson from Gravenhurst Ont Canada wrote on August 9, 2019
I recently bought a little grey Ferguson TE A 20 with # 231641 . Could someone tell me what year it was made ? Also , did they not come with a temperature guage on the dash ? It starts easily and runs well . Previous owner painted the hood MF red. That should change.
Phil Ontario Canada
Marty Jacumin from Rutherford College NC wrote on July 23, 2019
I have inherited a 1952 Ferguson that came with our family farm. Thanks for all the helpful information. Can’t wait to start the restoration.
Lloyd Davies from Geham Queensland Australia wrote on July 24, 2018
I have 11 fergy tractors. TEA, TED TEF, FE35. MF35, MF35x. 9 are runners, 2 are wrecks. Love driving & working them around my property, and Tractor Trekking with the Harry Ferguson Tractor Club anywhere in Australia. Most are unrestored, but 2 are beautifully painted.
Alfred DuBois from New Richmond wrote on August 21, 2017
I've got a 1956 Ferguson 40 that does some mowing, posthole digging, trench repair, and front loading around our little farm. I've come to the realization that I will never restore her to her proper beauty (someone painted her red and slapped a M-F decal on the side.) I've put new rims in the rear ( the adjustable ones) and tires all around. I'm going to sell her to anyone who wants a project.
Matthew Pritchard from Davisburg wrote on May 2, 2017
In January I purchesed a 1955 Ferguson deluxe TO35 " green belly " serial # 143582 with 2 bottom plow A0 14 serial # 001876. I also have a plethera of other implements . I am curently compleatly rebuilding the continetal Z134 engine and am looking for some kind of cross refference from tractor serial # to engine serial # any help would be great!
Mike French from New Bern, NC wrote on April 25, 2017
Hi Rick and Sarah,
I’m on the hunt for a TEA20, the one with the Standard Triumph engine. There are usually several for sale in Canada ready to use, but none in the USA. I recently moved from Southern California to Eastern North Carolina, purchased a 1.1 acre lot and I’m having a house built. Instead of buying a sit-down lawn mower, I’m considering getting the tractor and a bush (brush?) hog to cut the grass. But there’s more to the story. My hobby in retirement is restoring Triumph sports cars. I’ve restored a 59 TR3A and a 64 TR4. Sold the TR4 to make room for a recently purchase 1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster basket case for restoration as soon as the house build is completed. As I expect many of your readers know, the base Standard Triumph engine in the TEA20’s is almost the same as the engines in both of the Triumph cars. How cool would it be to have a restored, late 40’s/early 50’s little gray fergie in the garage alongside of a restored 1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster and a 1959 TR3, and actually be able to use the tractor?
GEOFFREY KING from Lara. Australia wrote on February 19, 2017
Purchased a TE20 which had defective Hydraulics, i have refurbished and assembled ,ready for a final check over then oil up and trial run. i have been trying to find out what is the correct grade oil to use for the hydraulics, / transmission . There are so many conflicting comments and ideas as to the oil which should be used, i am confused and would like some feed back on just which is best for the old girl. The most mentioned grade is 15/40 mineral.
William Overy from Hastings, NE wrote on January 29, 2017
My father bought a Ferguson 30 and a full line of equipment in 1952. I was three years old at that time. From probably age nine I did a lot of field work with it plowing,cultivating, mowing hay and disking. I have restored it and like to take his great grandchildren for rides and reminder the good old days. Would like to find some original row crop equipment for it.
Corentin from Asnières Sur Nouere (Charente France) wrote on December 31, 2016
Je possède actuellement 3 tracteurs Ferguson dont:
Un Ferguson TE-20 (fabrication Anglaise) de 1947 numéros de série 60481
Un Ferguson TEK20 (vigneron) fabrication française de 1955 numéros de série 22559
Un Ferguson TEC20 (étroit de fabrication Anglaise) de 1954
Ensuite un Massey-Harris Pony 812 Tm (moteur Peugeot 203 fabrication Française) de 1956
Un Farmall Cub de fabrication française de 1956
Une charrue Ferguson 2 socs
Un faucheuse Puzenat D1B
Je n'est que 15 ans et je possède déja 5 tracteur et 2 matériel agricole


I currently own 3 Ferguson tractors including:
A Ferguson TE-20 (English manufacture) of 1947 serial numbers 60481
A Ferguson TEK20 (orchard) French-made 1955 serial numbers 22559
A Ferguson TEC20 (narrow manufacturing English) of 1954
Then a Massey-Harris Pony 812 Tm (engine Peugeot 203 French manufacture)
A Farmall Cub of French manufacture of 1956
A plough Ferguson 2 bottom
A Reaper Puzenat D1B

I am only 15 years old and I have already 5 tractors and 2 implements.
Bob Jackson from Desboro wrote on November 18, 2016
Hi, I just got a 1955 TEA ferguson in poor condition. Look forward to a few years of restoration and fun to bring this little grey Fergie back to a new life.
Rodney Nicklas from Warren wrote on August 9, 2016
Hello “Old Ferguson Tractors”.
I cleaned up and painted, what was my Dad's 1950 TO20. Then only new tractor my Dad had. I was nine years old when he put me on it, to learn how to drive it. Poor old tractor had a hard life. It was worked! Engine overhauled once, broke a couple of rear axles, over the years, but, she is still going.
Now that she is cleaned up and put back to an original condition, she is going to live the easy life now, taking her to shows and fairs and an occasional joy ride, with my granddaughters. In this part of the country, its Fords, Farmalls and green and some orange. So, she is usually one of two or three gray Fergies there.
Mark Lowery from Walnut Creek, CA wrote on July 18, 2016
Thank you very much for your reply and your offer to bring this up w/ Paul Nelson at the September show. I did note your comment that Ferguson Blue was used for the background of emblems on the 20 & 30 series. My 35 has a green background used on all the raised letter (cast & plated) emblems.

Anyhow, one other totally off the wall Idea has occurred to me. That is that this may have been a special edition tractor given to or purchased by UC Davis. As you may know, UC Davis is the most renowned Agricultural College in California. They were originally an offshoot of UC Berkeley, more or less an Agricultural Field station for the main campus in the East Bay City of Berkeley California. By 1956, they were a completely independent university campus under the UC system. But oddly (or not) they retained the UCB school colors, Blue and Gold. So even today, there school colors are blue and yellow. I have even found a paint code for the blue which is close to the RAL blue 5011 which in turn is fairly close to what I think my Fergie was painted, RAL 5019. The Bamboo Beige is a passable color to replicate the yellow used in UC Davis school colors, so maybe this was a special paint job for that purpose. Just to be clear, as I use paint remover to take the blue off, there is not a gray color paint underneath, so I can only conclude that it came from the factory with the mechanicals painted blue, not gray like all the other examples I see on your site and elsewhere.

Mark L
Tim Harness from Templeton, CA, USA wrote on June 30, 2016
Rick & Sarah,
Thank you for providing a wonderful resource thru your website. I recently purchased an early Ferguson T0-30, TO-60010. Similar to your story, until I saw this one I did not know there was such a tractor not to mention a whole family of Fergusons. I have joined FENA to connect with other owners have found a friendly community of Ferguson owners & restorers. There are a few out West but they aren't as common as they seem to be further east. I have begun collecting missing parts and will restore it as a working tractor. I hope to round off the project with a couple of Ferguson tools to use around the ranch.
Mark Lowery from Walnut Creek, CA, USA wrote on June 29, 2016
I have poured over the extensive compilation of paint colors and manufacturer's codes for those colors that was compiled by Paul Nelson. In one spot, there is mention of Ferguson Blue, but no code from any manufacturer is listed. Also, in the photos from the 2002 Salem show, there is a 53' TO-20 noted as being owned by Don Brewer that has some blue on it. Instead of the mechanicals, there is a horizontal blue band running around the hood and a suspension arm that appears to be blue. But of course this is an earlier tractor (53 vs 56) and a different model.

So my questions come down to two: Is the pairing of blue mechanicals w/ "Bamboo Beige" appropriate for a 1956 TO-35? And then what modern formula seems to match the blue that was evidently used on some Ferguson tractors?
I'm not so picky as to require an automotive paint code, even a close matching color from a rattle can would be fine. Starting w/ that, I would match it at an Automotive Paint Vendor using one of their fancy computerized scanners. As I mentioned, I attempted to match the color on my air-cleaner housing to sample panels at the powder coater I use here in Northern California, Platinum Powder Coating in Chico. As I mentioned, this is just me doing it by eye, and maybe someone else has gone through this process and come up w/ a better match. Unfortunately, there are many parts that cannot be powder coated due to there nature (transmission, engine etc.) or due to being put together w/ soft solder. The air-cleaner housing falls under the later category as I think it would fall apart when subjected to the curing temperature of 400 F. Any help would be appreciated and if anyone reading this guest book posting knows Don Brewer, I'd like to hear from him as well.

Mark Lowery
Admin Reply by: Rick Weaver
Not to say that MHF could NOT have painted parts blue, but I've never seen any evidence of it. It would make more sense on an earlier Ferguson, as Harry had a penchant for good deals and if he found a good deal on blue paint, I can see him using it for parts that didn't affect his branding. But in 1956, MHF was clearly in the driver's seat. But indeed, they could have run out of other colors. I don't know about the Ferguson blue, and no one has mentioned it to me, ever.

I am familiar with the tractor you mention that has blue on it, and it is certainly not factory colors. I think it was an artistic person who wanted to customize their tractor. I don't know Don, but if he is at the Expo in September with his tractor I'll ask him some questions and get contact info for you. I will also speak to Paul Nelson if he is there.

Another spot to ask your questions is the Ferguson Enthusiasts Facebook Group at

P.S. I looked at Paul's matrix, and the Ferguson blue is for backgrounds of the emblems on the 20/30 tractor series only. There was no blue elsewhere on the tractors.
Mark Lowery from Walnut Creek, CA, USA wrote on June 25, 2016
I forgot to add that the serial number on my TO-35 is SGF 170805. The background on the data plate is a dark green which is evidently correct for a 1956 tractor. Also, a minor correction; though I understand the manufacturing at that time was occurring in Detroit, the Date Plate says Racine Wisconsin, so perhaps this was the location of the corporate offices at that time.
Mark Lowery from Walnut Creek, CA wrote on June 25, 2016
Rick and Sarah,
Seeking help on sorting out the color for the mechanicals on my 1956 TO 35. The sheet metal and wheels are "Bamboo Beige" as was the case for all of 56 & 57 to my understanding. But the mechanicals including the air filter, heat shield engine etc. Is a blue color. I've looked at the listings of paint codes and looked at every picture that you have posted of various shows, and I see no other TO 35 w/ that paint combination. Tough to describe something like this w/ words, but looking at test strips that are part of the RAL Color matching system, it most closely (to my eye) matches 5019. In PPG's version of same, that color would be "Capri Blue". I've taken this machine apart far enough to determine that this must have been how it was painted when it left the Massey-Harris-Ferguson Detroit factory. Has anyone out there seen a Fergie painted in similar colors?
Admin Reply by: Rick Weaver
Mark, look at the paint resources on the Ferguson Resources page. If you don't find an answer in those links, I doubt anyone alive can answer your question. Those links are pretty comprehensive.
Matt from Heathhill, Gippsland Vic Australia wrote on June 17, 2016
Hi I have a 1955 TEF-20 diesel fergy, my grandfather bought it brand new, then dad had it, then me, now my son, we have the original purchase docs, payment plan, reg lables, photos of each generation sitting on it. We fully restored it, 3000 of 2 pack stoneleigh grey went on, looking to join a club. Regards, Matt